Friday, February 04, 2005


My dream to is to become a journalist that's why I took up Broadcast Journalism. But I'm afraid I lack the qualities to be one. First of all I never had any experience. Even highschool journalism, I never experienced. Well my high school did not have a school paper anyway. Why? I really don't know why our school administration did not want to have one. It really frustrates me whenever I think of all the things I missed out. I could have learn the basics IF I had the chance to be a campus scribe. For a while I thought of not taking this course because I'm so scared that I could not do it. But my long time aspiration prevailed so I decided to pursue it anyway. Then comes another dilemma, the school I want to enroll does not offer JOURNALISM ONLY instead a double major BROADCAST JOURNALISM. The "inhibition cell" of my brain worked again? I'm not good in speaking, I stutter and talk fast. Plus I'm a shy person. And lastly I'm not good looking; definitely not a TV type person. But I don't want to go to other schools that offer journalism only because they are far from home. So in the end I enrolled for the broadcast journalism program. I said to myself " Well there is still journalism and I could learn".
Well I'm still here already near the end of my first year and I must say I'm doing okay. But my subjects are still the minor ones, we will having major subjects by next sem. I'm looking forward for it, I know it will be hard but I do hope I could do it.

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Anonymous said...

I took up journalism back in college. It wasn't my first choice actually, only my prof in english encouraged me to take the course after I asked her if I had a chance there.

Like you, I don't have any background in journ before. In fact, I downplayed my capacities... but in the end, when I finally left my university I've realized that the course made my whole college experience quite fulfilling.

You don't need to be a true-blue journalism student in order to write. It's a passion you should develop. One day you'll realize that. Write more, share more, experience more.

And when you have experienced enough, that's the only time you can call yourself a true journalist.