Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Full Plate

Hectic days ahead. Two dubbing scripts to finish plus checking some dubbing scripts done by others too. I was busy the past 3 days doing QC for two shows as well as editing episodes for the cable channel. We have new shows launching next month as well but good thing my video editor is handling that perfectly well. Traffic going home is quite bad these days because there's some road fixing going on as always! I can't help but feel so much time wasted when I could be more productive really! 
My load could have been lighter if I was able to do some things last weekend but it was an emotionally exhausting weekend so I was not able to do something productive. But hey remembering those terrible days is making me feel even more thankful how the past few days have been stable and less stressful. I hope please Lord let it stay that way. 

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