Monday, September 14, 2009

How Could You Be so Heartless? (or at least Insensitive)

I know by now much has been said with the Kanye West outburst at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards but I will speak my mind anyway. First of all, yes I like Taylor Swift, her songs aren't innovative nor that there's anything special with her voice but she is charming. She has charisma no doubt. She writes her own songs which is age appropriate and not overproduced. And I really find the video of You Belong With Me witty and fun to watch. Yes, Beyonce's Single Ladies is groundbreaking and it will be remembered for years.
whether Taylor Swift deserved to win the award for Best Female Video is not the issue.
I know Kanye West was trying to make a statement that Single Ladies should have won but he has no right to hijack Taylor's acceptance speech. It was rude and totally uncalled for. What's wrong is that he ,a grown man, ruined what should have been a special moment for 19 year old girl. If he has issues with the results he should have taken it to the right authorities and not throw tantrums on air at the expense of Swift. Kanye apologized on his website but I don't know reading it I did not feel the sincerity at all (typing in all caps?!).
A friend mentioned that one more bad thing that incident could implicate to is another issue on racism. For sure most of Taylor's country fans on the southern part of United States are furious with Kanye West and what's worse is that they could transfer the hate to all African Americans. You might think I'm overreacting but this actually possible as one rotten tomato could spoil a basket of tomatoes. Over the years, I've read lots of calls from African Americans for equality and a stop to stereotyping but with actions like what Kanye did ,he is sure not helping what the others strive to fulfill.
To be honest, I do like some of Kanye's songs and I find him talented and truly a standout on his genre but his attitude is overshadowing his talents. If he does not change his conceited attitude there will come a day that no one will take him seriously anymore and he will self destruct.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. You're absolutely right. Kawawa naman si taylor swift. Tsk tsk tsk what's happening to kanye west?