Friday, September 04, 2009

One Year Ago...

Last year, I opened up an account on out of curiosity and I did write some blog entries there. I actually posted some really personal stuff there that at that time I did not feel writing here. I write in taglish there unlike here which is mostly English (the reason why I write most of my entries here in English is because when I started this blog I thought that this is a way for me to enhance my writing skills in English). Anyway, today I opened my tumblr account again after 8 months of not writing there. It was great to see my posts there. Although some of which are embarrassing but those blogs showed my raw emotion at that time. One of my blog entries there was when I was finally hired for a job after months of being unemployed after graduating. Here was my blog entry then:

"Nung September 4 nag exam ako sa Maximum Solutions, agency sya. Naghahanap sila ng web content writer. Noong una parang hindi ko feel sa company na yun kasi nga agency pero I tried it out na rin kasi sayang. Tapos alam nyo after the exam interview agad eh feeling ko na laki chance ko makapasok. I felt good, first time ko kaya umabot sa ganitong level hehe. Tapos ayun after the interview with ms. leslie, the HR, inendorse na ako dun sa client nila na pagsusulatan ko. Buti nga sa Makati din, sa may Ayala pero sa may dulo na yata yun ng Ayala hehe. Okay naman yung nag interview sakin na taga fireball corp, mabait sya. Maliit nga lang yung office nila. Pero okay lang yun maganda na rin kasi kunti lang pakikisamahan ko. Ayun ok naman ako sa interview, i was hired na din , finally! 3 months training which is good na din kasi in case na hindi ko magustuhan at least hindi matagal ang contract ko pero sana magustuhan ko dun."

I can't help but feel nostalgic on how I felt so happy that day when my "bumhood" finally ended. But well a lot has happened since then. On 09/04/08, I was hired for my very first job. One year after, I'm on my second month for my third job. Three jobs in one year. This was not how I envisioned my life after graduation but then again this must be the "real world" they were saying when I was still a student. It's hard. I took risks. Because I want to have a career and not just a job. I want to be somewhere where I could maximize my skills. As for my third job, so far I'm doing good. I now feel that I am in the right place. I'm really hoping that is the "jumpstart" I've been looking for.

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