Sunday, November 16, 2008

Funny Komiks 2008 2nd and 3rd Issue

In August, my beloved childhood komiks, Pilipino Funny Komiks for Children commonly known as Funny Komiks went back into circulation. I planned to buy the second issue but I could not find any. I panicked thinking that their return might not have been that successful and seized production again. But this week , I finally found the second issue AND the third issue. I'm glad they still continued. I am aware that I am no longer part of the target market of the revived FK but why am I still buying? This is my way of supporting Funny Komiks as I hope that their return will be for good. Plus, shelling out 18 pesos ain't a pain in my wallet. Anyway, for those interested here are the covers of the two issues.

The Second Issue

The Third Issue

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