Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Midyear Highlights

Today is July 1, the start of the latter half of 2008 so to sum up the first half of my 2008 here are some significant events that happened in my life so far this year

Online Life
-This my most active year in the Internet LOL I blogged frequently and joined a lot of forums and even met a lot of online buddies. I also discovered a lot sites that catered to my interest.
The Internet has a special and significant part in my life right now.

Renewed interest in Radio
- i've been a radio geek since I was a child but I lie low for a quite some time due to my hectic college life but this year I rekindled my love for radio especially my interest in chart/countdown monitoring plus met some DJs, joined and won radio contests, learned more about radio.
Sometimes I dream to work in radio, but I know I will just be a listener and its fun anyway.

My sister's pregnancy
-This is a life changing not just for my sister but all of us in our family especially under the circumstance she is in. We support her very much and we are so excited to welcome the latest member of our family. As I type this my sister is in the hospital as she experienced some pains. She is not yet giving birth though but she is under observation. I'm praying that everything will turn out fine.

Heraldo Filipino Challenges
-One roller coaster ride of emotions I felt while dealing with the problems I encountered being the editor in chief of the student publication. I learned so many stuff and had so many realizations that affected me up to now. I survived. But did I survived with flying colors? No. I gave in to some of my weaknesses, disappointed people along the way and made the tough calls though it hurts me. But that was part of the responsibility. I must say this has been opne painful experience for me not just this year but my whole life. Sometimes, some events still haunt me up to now but I need to accept that it already happened and could no longer undo the past. I wished I handled the challenges better but all I can do is charge all what happened to experience and remember it always as I sail through life.

- My student life ended this year. It was a bittersweet feeling. I miss school so much. I miss being a student. But I'm ready to face this guy they call Real World but is he ready for me? Haha
Hey but first I need a job. As I type this I'm still jobless but I'm not losing hope because as they say "all good things happen to those who wait". =)

And that's a recap of my life so far this 2008. I hope the latter half will be a good one.

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Niko Batallones said...

"Sometimes I dream to work in radio, but I know I will just be a listener and its fun anyway."

Oh, these realizations. :D