Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Sisterakas

There’s nothing new to expect with the latest Wenn Deramas comedy Sisterakas. It is pretty much in line with his recent movies that were all box office hits. This brand of comedy clicks with the mainstream audience mainly because it’s easily digestible but one can’t help but think what more can they do if they had a better storyline and not just a barrage of jokes.

Perfectionist fashion czar Bernice (Vice Ganda) hires Detty (Ai Ai Delas Alas) to replace the executive assistant he fired. Unbeknownst to Detty, Bernice is her illegitimate half-brother whom they threw out of their house (along with Bernice’s mom) when he was a child. To seek revenge, Bernice plans to make Detty’s life a living hell while she works for him. Meanwhile, Bernice’s rival Roselle (Kris Aquino) plans to pirate Berna to finally beat Bernice’s company.

While the main plot is actually decent it is still nothing but an excuse to set up jokes, parodies and skits. With this kind of set up, the comedy is pretty much a hit and miss. Vice Ganda did his usual sarcastic and personal jokes and he can really sell a joke no matter how old or corny it is. He can effortlessly deliver one-liners and snark that seems so natural and out of the blue.  Delas Alas is fine although her “baby voice” is grating  but the energy is there. And as for Aquino, well, you could see the effort to do things broad but she doesn’t have the comedic chops to pull it off. The movie was also hesitant to make Aquino’s character a full-blown antagonist and I think if they only embraced that, they could have squeezed out more substance from the character which to be honest is really not needed. And speaking of unnecessary stuff, the subplot of the teens (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) is so minor that I don’t think even the love team’s diehard fans will enjoy it completely (their scenes in the trailer is pretty much it for them).

Sisterakas reportedly topped the first day of the 38TH Metro Manila Film Festival, which will likely begin another franchise in this annual festival. The audience clearly likes this type of comedy and the stars will add this to their roster of box office hits. I admit I laughed in a couple of scenes. It’s silly fun but I hope this team will be inspired to change things up and not be afraid to explore more areas in comedy next time. At this point, they can pretty much sell any movie with their names alone, so why not take some risk (even a small one) in the next project? I hope this is not just wishful thinking. 5 / 10


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I realized a part of this sa trailer pa lang. Di ako natawa :( Love how you wrote the review by the way, Jec. Thanks!

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Its a trash at kumikita...immature moviegoers