Sunday, February 14, 2021

Scary thoughts

 My father had a dream last night about his departed siblings. He said it seems like they wanted to take him too. He got scared of course and we told to him to relax and don't think negatively. Admittedly, I got scared too but I didn't want to show it and I shifted topics because I don't want him to dwell on those thoughts. However, my mother got scared and she manifested it by being irritated at my father, telling him he should have a check up if he is feeling something off and stop thinking negative thoughts. It was quite stressful to be honest. I know my father is just feeling sad after losing his 3 brothers in a year. That's something he won't be able to move on easily especially the death of his youngest brother because it was so unexpected and we saw him suffer so much. It still makes me cry when I think about it so what more Tatay? Dear Lord please guide him at all times. 

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