Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Snippets 11

 - Cinema reopening in Metro Manila is on hold due to concerns by the mayors. It sucks but I get it and I do hope they find the right measures so the cinemas can open safely like in the provinces. I really want this industry to survive, streaming is great and accessible but also prone to piracy so there's that. 

- Tomorrow is my sister's birthday and of course my birthday wish/prayer is good health after the medical concerns she had early this year. 

-Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the lenten season is here. Last year's Lent fell in the middle of the strict lockdown and it was such an eerie feeling especially during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday our subdivision went on full lockdown. Now it's almost a year later. It's not as strict anymore but still nowhere near the old normal. And we don't know for how long

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