Monday, December 30, 2013

My 10 Favorite Sitcom Episodes of 2013

Just like last year I will run down my top 10 favortie episodes from 10 sitcoms that I watched this year. I limited it to one episode per show only so that there will be variety :D.Anyway, let's get on with the list

10. How I Met Your Mother - "Something New" (Season 8 Episode 24)


 The 8th Season finale was so special mainly because of the final scene where we finally meet The Mother! I didn't know we would see her on this episode so I was caught off guard when she appeared! I seriously had goosebumps when they finally showed her face! The 9th and Final Season is so far a mixed bag and I really wanted to see more of The Mother but the midseason finale is (hopefully) setting up a compelling final arc. I haven't really enjoyed HIMYM that much for the last 2 years but this show every now and then knows how to pull the heart strings so I'm hopeful the final arc will be great.
9.  Awkward - "Cha-cha-cha-changes" (Season 3 Episode 1)

 I stopped watching midway this season because the show's teen soap elements is predominant now and I'm just too old for that. However, I will always love the season premiere because of the fantastic first scene of  Jenna's creative writing teacher Mr. Hart (played by Anthony Michael Hall). His entrance was just unforgettable and delivered a killer speech about writing that really got me. Here's an excerpt:

"Some of you may think that you're good writers. Because you write witty musings about taking a dump on your Facebook wall. Or you whine about your feelings on your blog. That.... is not being a writer! Writing is about conquering you f**king fears! It's about putting on to paper....the thing.... that you are most afraid.... to share"

8. 30 Rock - "Last Lunch"  (Season 7 Episode 13)

The series finale of 30 Rock closed the show in such a good way.  The episodes leading to the final episode were also good but the final episode is special to me because of the talk between Liz and Tracy in the bar where Tracy took her in the first episode of the show. It's about how hard it is to say goodbye and I really like what Liz said that maybe in the future they won't be close friends anymore because people naturally drift apart but the time they spent together were great and she will cherish it despite all the things he put her through. It was so sincere and heartfelt.There was also a good scene between Liz and Jack where Jack indirectly says how he valued his friendship with Liz. More than funny cutaways and pop culture jokes, 30 Rock stood out because it valued its characters so much and the relationships they formed

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - "Thanksgiving" (Season 1 Episode 10)

One of my favorite new shows this year! Brooklyn Nine-Nine stood out because of its snappy writing and great ensemble. I chose the Thanksgiving episode as my favorite because it showcases that with just 10 episodes, the show is already fully formed. Non stop laughs from start to end and it's impressive how they were able to give each a character a moment (even the side players Hitchcock and Scully) while working a case and at the same time ending it on sweet note that isn't too sappy at all. A lot of shows takes time to find its footing but this show found it quickly.

6. Mom - "Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast" (Season 1 Episode 7)

I was really quite surprised how Mom turned out. I'm impressed with the stuff they're trying to pull under the multi-camera sitcom format which is known for its safe and traditional humor. In this episode, Allison Janney (who is such a hoot to watch week to week) completely brought the house down. The way her character Bonnie dealt with menopause was just hilarious but the episode also had a deep turn as we learn more about Bonnie's inner struggles. I'm impressed with the show as it is not afraid to go dark and yet not lose the humor.

5. Parks and Recreation - "Recall Vote" (Season 6 Episode 7) 

Last year my favorite episode was this show's The Debate episode where Leslie Knope delivered an amazing speech which ultimately led to her win in the elections. In this episode, Leslie deals with the ongoing voting to get her out of office and the aftermath of the results. What really impressed me in this episode is how it tackled disappointments. Leslie's "I peaked" meltdown speech was both funny and heartfelt. I just like how it tells that despite our best efforts, things will just will not go the way we want it to.

4. The Big Bang Theory - "The Romance Resonance" (Season 7 Episode 6)

I'm really liking the 7th season so far but this episode, which actually would have been a perfect episode for Valentines, is for me a future classic.Howard's song to Bernadette is both hilarious and romantic!. The scene where Howard and the gang were singing the song to Bernadette is really just a lovely moment. And the last scene with Amy's imagination was such a hoot as well.

3.  Modern Family - "Suddenly, Last Summer" (Season 5 Episode 1)

  The 5th season premiere of Modern Family remind us why this show is an audience favorite and awards magnet. This episode features scenes that will make you laugh out loud and scenes  that will get your eyes all misty! Just thinking of some of the scenes make me laugh (The Jay-Manny talk outside the court which is full of same-sex couples getting a marriage license), smile (Cam & Mitch saying "Yes" at the same time) and teary eyed (Phil telling Claire romantic stuff while he sets up Mitch's proposal venue). There are few shows I watch who can pull mixing laughter and tears as seamless as this show does. 

2. The Middle - "Halloween IV: The Ghost Story"  (Season 5 episode 5)

Just like last year I had a hard time choosing which episode of The Middle to pick because I just love this so much and it delivers week to week.  My first pick was the 100th episode but then I remembered the Halloween-themed episode that followed it. I picked this one ultimately because of two memorable scenes. First one was the Hecks coaching Brick on how to ask a girl  out online where the execution and the acting  were so perfect, ultimately capturing why this show has succeeded! The second one was towards the end when Sue was telling Mike about the ghost that she may or may not have seen and that scene took a surprising philosophical turn in the end which was really thought-provoking. I'm always amazed how this show can still surprise me from time to time.

1. The Office - "Finale"  (Season 9 Episode 24/25)

I stopped watching The Office midway of Season 8 because the show became a chore to watch since Michael Scott left and the very annoying Andy was promoted to his position. I  came back for the final season because I just want to see how it ends. It was quite a struggle to watch it but got better when Andy was off for a couple of episodes but when he returned it sucked again. It was such a rollercoaster watching the show's final season but the final episode was just flat out amazing. The way they concluded the show  was just so good that whatever ill feelings I had for the early part of the season disappeared as I watch the final episode of the show. There were so many things to love in this episode from Dwight & Angela's wedding, Dwight calling Pam his best friend,  Michael Scott's return and final "That's what she said" to the final interviews of the documentary crew to the Dundler Mifflin employees. It's one of the most memorable series finale I've ever watched and oh yes I cried ;)

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