Saturday, February 03, 2007


* The heat is on for my thesis. I'm doing it alone. Scary but I will not succumb to pressure. I want it to be succesful. I don't want to make a thesis just for the sake of passing the subject, i want it to be meaningful. God help me. This will really be a big challenge to me.
* The student elections season in my school started already. And as early as now controversies are already coming up. I feel disappointed that a simple student elections could really get so mean and dirty. A microcosm of the national elections.
* The changes in the unlimited texting of Globe caused an uproar! But I doubt it if the company will change their mind. But the unli text controversy is the talk of the town, everywhere I go this is the hot topic. I'm shocked how huge the impact it had.
I wonder how it feels to be in Globe's customer assistance hotline?


Anonymous said...

Thesis. Elections. Globe. hrm. enlighten me on the latter. what's up with NTC and globe? -cmc

Renan said...

ey hehe i have your Heroes DVD... di kita makita lolz...