Sunday, May 30, 2021


Today made me clearly see how my nephew is entering his angsty teenage years now after how I see him react after he got reprimanded by his mother. I found it cute at first but then I realized I should take it more seriously since he is confiding his frustrations to me. I should definitely listen to him and guide him as good as possible. This is  very important period in his life as he gets to know himself. I should be glad he chose to open his heart to me, that's a good thing! Anyway, by the end of the day whatever tampo he had with my sister largely disappeared as my sister's foul mood subsided already but I will definitely be on the lookout with my nephew. Time flies, the little kid who loves to watch cartoons on TV and play with his blocks is no longer there a Roblox-loving preteen is here now and about to enter the precious teen years which will have an unusual beginning with no face-to-face classes yet. May God bless my nephew always and keep him on the right track. 

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