Friday, May 21, 2021


 I've been slow in handling the writing exercises on the online workshop I'm in right now. It is self-paced though so there's no really time pressure but there is reward if you finished early like if I finished all the writing exercises by tonight I would have an-eBook about Creative Writing from the workshop lecturer who is a Palanca winning writer! But I'm not even halfway yet! I did attempt to cram but I took a step back because this isn't the right way to handle this and it's a bad habit I want to free myself from. This is not the end result I want when I signed up for this. The online lectures and writing exercises are great. Forget the rewards and focus on your creative progress - that's what I've been telling myself. Tomorrow, there's an online Q&A session and looking forward to it. I sent in a question about tips about concentrating when writing. I hope to get a good insight because I badly need it. 

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