Friday, May 28, 2021


Done doing the writing exercises for the online writing workshop I joined before the grace period ends tonight at 11:59PM. I'm eligible for a digital certificate! Yay! Although to be honest I'm not really after it but I'm for the experience and glad I pursued this one because I love the learning experience I had here. The Google Classroom setup was perfect, the teacher explained the course so coherently and I feel like it was done in person. The online video conference Q&A was also insightful. The exercises while quite lengthy actually helped to collect my thoughts and ideas in a gradual process. I'm planning to sign up for another basic writing workshop which is scheduled in September so I still have time to save up for the fee!

Once again thanks to my friend JP who gave a contribution so I can pursue this workshop after reading it here on my blog! While I'm a little embarrassed that he had to read my rants here, I'm so grateful for the kindness. What he did really gave me the push to do something that my heart wants. 

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