Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2015

I will only have a top 10 list this year (I had top 20 lists in 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011). The reason is that sadly I was not able to watch a lot of movies in the cinemas this year. Admittedly, I have a very limited selection to choose from but nevertheless making this list was still tough to do but in the end I chose the movies that left a lasting impression to me.

10. Fast and Furious 7
The final scene, the "See You Again"  moment, made this a special movie that even if a ran a little too long it was still worth it just for the heart-tugging send off they did for Paul Walker.  You could feel the love and respect and how they really treated each other as a family.

9. The Good Dinosaur
Yes this is Pixar's first box office disappointment but make no mistake this is not a bad movie at all. Yes, the story is pretty simple and not as imaginative as Pixar's previous efforts but it's a heartfelt story with the most stunning animation this year. The photorealistic scenery is worth the ticket price alone.

8. Bridge of Spies
This is really a low key story despite being set in highly tense environment but handle with excellent craftmanship.  Who knew plain negotiations could be so riveting? 

7. Kingsman: The Secret Service
One word I can describe this movie is stylish and I'm not talking about the suits they wear in this. The action scenes were executed with such intricate style that's very cool to watch on screen. Definitely one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen this year.

6. Spy
And yet another movie about a spy! The title is simple and yes not creative but this movie is not a dud at all. This action-comedy made use of Melissa McCarthy's talent pretty well. I always knew that Melissa could do so much more than just be stuck with the obnoxious loud characters her movie roles have been since breaking out. And I never knew Jason Statham has good comic timing as well!

5. A Second Chance
Popoy and Basha are such well-loved characters that it was a really a challenge to make a sequel for the sleeper hit One More Chance but thankfully this is a worth follow up . I loved how the movie dealt with issues that married couples face in life and how trust and being open to one another is essential to keep the relationship strong. The film captured how the fear of failure is one of the roots that could tear down a relationship. This movie may not have the memorable "hugot"lines of the original but the sequel at least got the emotions right and straight to the core. 

4. Mad Max: Fury Road
I had no interest watching this actually because I haven't seen any Mad Max movie at all but the glowing reviews made me curious and wow it lived up to the hype. Yes the movie is basically an extended chase scene but that's not a bad thing as long as you have strong, remarkable characters and excellent direction! This movie is one thrilling ride that you wouldn't want to stop.

3. Honor Thy Father
The last movie I saw this year and what a great one to cap off  the year. While the movie may not be as flashy and thrilling as One The Job is, Honor Thy Father is a magnetic experience that draws the viewer to its world. It's a quiet film devoid of histrionics but the anguish and pain the characters felt will stay with you even after the credits rolled in.

2. Heneral Luna
The box office sensation this year! I just love this film became a revolution s as it proves that the Filipino audience can make a movie like this a box office success! As for the film itself, I admit I'm one of those who gets easily bored with historical movies but Heneral Luna is so different, it tackles the life of this hero in such a captivating way. This film will make you appreciate more what our heroes did for the country. The death scene of Heneral Luna was so haunting and striking that it will linger in your consciousness and make you contemplate about the country's fate.

1. Inside Out

Pixar at its finest and they once again made me fall in love with a unique story this time about the emotions of a 11-year old girl. The script is just so creative in telling what kid entering a new phase in her life is dealing with. I absolutely loved how the story was able to express the importance of facing some realities in life and that sometimes we need to experience such lows to hit the highs agaid. That sometimes you need to let go of things that you once loved in order to move forward. This is a classic.

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