Monday, April 28, 2008

Facing the Tooth Fairy

I will have some of my teeth extracted in May. I promised to myself that I will take care of my teeth already and get over my fear of having my teeth extracted by a dentist. All of my life, I have been in the dentist's office just TWICE not counting the dental check up I had when I applied for college. And I never had a proper tooth extraction before. I just wait for it "fall off naturally".
But I'm not a kid anymore. I know for a fact that I have two "dying" teeth and I should let it go already, the proper and medical way.
It sucks that only now that I have decided to face this fear. Stupid fear now that I realize it.
Since Wednesday, I have not gone out of the house. Got sick and rested. I'm such a bum and I both love it and hate it. Yeah, it's fun doing nothing but just surf the net away but I'm afraid that I may get used to it so much. But I feel restless also. And believe it or not, stressed.
It has been a week since the HF Yearend Workshop. It has been a month since I graduated.
I am at this point of my life that I do not exactly know what I want to do.
A phase? Maybe. Hope to get over this soon.

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