Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Normal Day?

I guess so.

I tried.

Did well I guess.

I did have my anxiety attack every now and then. But I managed to have a "normal" day today.
Hope it continues.

I was busy today doing HF work. I have lots of backlogs due to my absence last week because I got sick. I'm quite happy since Just Play is now on the proofreading stage, LS special is almost finish so as Palad. Alipato is 40% done. The problem na lang is the special issue of HF broadsheet. Long way to go pa. I am aiming for all jobs done by this month so I could leave HF already hahaha. Kidding, I mean I want those burdens off my chest for me to enjoy my final moments in DLSU-D.
By the way, today is the start of the summer term. I miss summer classes. For three years I had summer classes because my course's curriculum really has the summer term. I did not complain though since I love summer classes, it is fast faced actually and I was not bored.
Also, there was a shooting in school today, ABS CBN as always. I saw Maja Salvador and Jon of PBB. DLSU-D is a favorite location of ABS CBN shows. Over the years I saw Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Zanjoe Marudo, Jason of PBB, Iya Villania, Kim Chui, Gerald Anderson among others. And of course when I was a freshman, Marian "Marimar" Rivera was a Psychology senior and she was sort of famous na rin back then since she starred in the Skin White commercial during that time. Who have thought a few afters she will be a star. I remember seeing her in the JFH hallway and she is really beautiful but she really have a "manly" voice hehe.
I saw some friends who claimed their diploma [the real one since the one given to us in the graduation rites was fake haha]. I kinda felt envious. A clearance is needed to claim the diploma . Well, I haven't started my clearance yet since I will still be in school pa naman until May. Plus, we haven't passed the thesis yet hahahaha. Procrastinating until the end haha. But me and Jas will work on it this week. The past weeks we decided to lie low . Not just us but the whole JOU41 block haha. I guess we were delaying it so we could have a reason to go back to school. Awwww *senti mode on*
Guilty pleasure: PBB Teen Edition Plus! Aliw! So far the show is entertaining but knowing PBB it will have its draggy moments like contrived twists and lousy tasks. But for now I'm enjoying the show.
Also because of waiting for PBB to start I sort of got hooked with Lobo as well. The show is not the typical Pinoy fantaserye, the story has depth and I must say Angel Locsin improved on the acting department, she is not a ham actress anymore.
And before you label me as "kapamilya", I will tell you I'm not. I'm not a "kapuso" either. I am "kabarkada" haha just jokin. Seriously, I actually hate the network war since because their competition is not healthy. Long time ago I posted a blog entry about that titled Boobtube Battle Boo Boos.
I'm excited to find work. Although I'm expecting it will be hard. But hey I'm ready.

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