Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Welcome to the "semi-revamped" forg files!

I decided to make some little changes in the layout to refresh this blog because the look of this remained the same for 18 months already haha. However, I've been using this template since January 2008 and frankly I really prefer it this way, just simple and easy to use for a not-so techno savvy person like me, so I just made some changes that won't affect the layout that much like changing the colors and "rebranding" the sidebar. I hope you like the new look but I could take criticisms though as long as it is not defamatory haha (may ganun hehe).


It's June already. And for the 1,000th time TIME FLIES!
We are nead midway for 2009 already!

Today, I will take a small step towards a change in my life. It's risky but I have to do it, if I do it the right way this small step would be soon a huge leap.
I'm having butterflies in my stomach as I type this but I'm ready. I hope it would work out. I really hope so.

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