Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I will begin the second half of 2009 with a new job. I had my last day as copy editor for EMCI today. Big thanks to the people there because they were really nice to me. Tomorrow, I will start my new job as a writer for dubbing for Beginnings at 20 Plus, an independent media production company located in Makati. Despite my struggles with my past job leaving it for me to pursue another career was a hard decision. It all boiled down on getting near where I want my career path to be. A big risk indeed but I'm happy with my decision. I'm excited! I am optimistic.


For those interested, this weekend also I will do some midyear recaps for my personal music chart and some of the Philippine music charts that I post here with help from the Pinoyexchange's Philippine Music Charts Thread team. I hope to finish all this week :D


And for the one who asked why I went back to the old layout of this blog, well, I realized my experiment with changing its color sucked haha and I really like the clean look of this template afterall :D And I also removed the twitter/plurk updates here because well it looked awkward!


Wanderful said...

goodluck kuya! :)

forg/jecoup said...

Thanks rea! :)