Friday, September 24, 2021


 Real life is quite stressful these days but I'm managing things as best as I can. I'm doing a lot of work stuff lately and it's helpful to take my mind off my anxieties. Majority of my work load right now is watching/previewing TV shows. Mexican, Chinese and Filipino! It's so helpful to make me not dwell on negative thoughts! Speaking of work, new shows on TeleNovela Channel have occupied a lot of my time lately! The channel will turn 10 this year! I've been a part of this project for 9 years, supervising for  6 years. It's quite a miracle we are still here especially with many cable channels closing lately. The team working on this channel's operations is small and we have limited resources. Multitasking is the norm. I'm proud though how we manage to keep this running as smooth as possible despite the limitations. Over the years, I've worked with around 15 video editors and many engineers (mostly just e-mail / text interactions though since they are on a remote site). Also loved meeting the provincial cable operators during conventions which won't be happening anytime soon. Although the last cable convention in 2019 was smaller in scale compared before. Now with Solar channels down to 2, FOX international channels and many more  gone if there will be another convention some day it will be so different. But the cable business has changed too. More are pivoting to providing Internet as top service with pay TV just a side offering and not the focus anymore. 

It was a busy day today so I was just in random work-related nostalgic mode. 

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