Saturday, March 15, 2008


Although the graduating students are already allowed to enter DLSU-D on civilian clothings I opted not to. I chose to wear my uniform. I will wear civilian clothes all my life anyway. Today was the last time I will ever wear my DLSU-D uniform. Unlike other students, I love wearing school uniforms, it is more comfortable for me. And I really feel like a student when I'm in my uniforms.
From now on, my uniforms will now stay in my closet. I'm gonna miss wearing it.
Also today, fixed up some stuff for thesis and now we are now on the next level, printing the thesis using DLSU-D thesis paper and book bind. Yehey! Got my Globe DLSU-D SIM which we unknowingly paid for on our tuition this sem, so even though I will not maximize the features of this SIM (access of grades? no-classes announcements? I'm graduating!) I still claimed my SIM since I paid for this. But I did not change my number and just gave my SIM to my sister.
I also applied for the Alumni ID today, it was easy. In a few weeks time, my ajb2091 portal account will be gone forever. And will now use my new identity A08-08541, my alumni portal account.
After a year of gathering dust at the Dean's office, I claimed my certificates for becoming a Dean's Lister during the two semesters of my Junior Year. However, one certificate misspelled my name: JEOCUP.
Muntik ko nang malimutan na kunin ang mga certificate ko, better late than never.
I am also a Dean's Lister for this semester so I still have a certificate to claim by 1st sem next school year. Yehey!
Had my last last general staff meeting on a regular class day. But a few came. So I will still call for another meeting on March 28, the distribution of grade sheets. But anyway, I still captured the moment, here are the photos.
Had an impromptu heart-to-heart talk with Dr.Martin, Dean of Student Services. It was out of the blue, so sudden but I'm glad it happened. I cried during our talk. Quite embarrassing. But it felt good.
Thank You Dean Martin! I will never forget you.

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Mr. Shopaholic said...

Kuya Jec, congrats again. I'm pretty sure you had a wonderful college life. ;-)