Sunday, March 09, 2008



The grade for OJT which was delayed was finally uploaded today. I am now, finally, an official graduating student since I no longer have deficiencies. Yehey!


I got the edited thesis by the Languages department. Yehey! Attended a career talk by an AB COM Alumnus which is just okay. We also now have the winners of PALAD Creative Writing Workshop, disappointing since we don't have winners for the short story and essay categories this year since the average scores of the entries were so low [it did not even reach 75%] so we decided not to have a winner for the said categories. The judges were: yours truly, Grace [literary editor], Ate Heidi [former Literary editor who now works with Cavite Studies Center and Sir Mok [Palad Adviser and EIC of HF in the early 90s who now works for the Institutional Communications Office of DLSU-D]. Ang pangit naman mag-award for the sake na may manalo lang even if the work is not really that good.

Two days ago

HF4 finally finished. Yes, the 4th issue is embarrassingly late. Because of that HF5 will now be released on April in time for summer classes and to address the students who don't have summer classes, we will circulate hf5 copies on the enrollment sched for 1st semester on May.
I actually have something to pitch to the incoming EB to solve this problem [delayed release]. It is just sad that I did not realize this earlier on, it could have help my term prevent this problem.

Three days ago

Spent all day the HF office doing a lot of stuff. Stressful indeed. Anyway, its the home stretch anyway. Bumigay na yung pinto ng locker ko. Well, the HF lockers are really old already, since 1990s pa.
I also helped out some of my editors on their thesis [chapters 1 to 3] through advices and tips. Feeling expert? I really feel proud of our thesis, yes it was simple but nevertheless it was praised during the defense and the criticism I've gotten was sort of a complement as well since they said I conducted a study who is beneath my capacity. Well, I said to myself if I will pursue my plans in the future to have an MA, I will do a better thesis. Anyway, I believe our thesis got the highest grade in my block (3.25). I'm so proud!

Four days ago

We were required to attend this job fair in school but it was a bit useless since there were no companies present in the fair that is suited for our field. Well, I don't count call centers as an area suited for us. I have nothing against call centers. The call center industry really helped provide employment to a lot of Filipinos. For me its okay if you will be a call center agent for the meantime due to financial reasons but don't ever consider that field to be something for the long term.

Five days ago

I claimed my toga today. I was tempted to wear it and look at the mirror to see how I will look but I resisted the urge thinking baka mausog haha.

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