Thursday, March 13, 2008

Final Touches

Tomorrow is our graduation rehearsal from 9-11 am. Then in the evening we are invited to attend to the Recognition Day of our department where we, the graduating students will be treated to something special daw.
On Monday, we will have the Baccalaureate Mass and Class Picture taking.
My digicam will be busy.
Every moment is important.
I feel bad with some of my classmates who will not graduate since they failed their thesis. Whenever I send out GM (group message) regarding graduation-related reminders I will almost include their numbers, good thing though I realize it before I punched their numbers. If I did that I will just make them feel bad.
Our block started with 40 students, now about 20 people will march at PICC on March 25. Some shifted course, transferred schools, became irregulars due to flunked subjects, stopped for a semester while others failed pivotal subjects.
We are the survivors.
But how I wished my other classmates will be with us in PICC. We will be incomplete.
I saw some of the third year students today who were busy with their thesis topic proposal defense.I felt nostalgic. One year ago, I was just like them, so nervous thinking on how will the defense eat you alive haha. Back then, I decided to leave my original group since I felt that it will not work out and went solo. It was frightening to do it alone but I survived and well, I got the highest grade, defense performance and paper combined.
In summer, when I already was chosen to be the next EIC of HF. I thought that it will be difficult for me to do the rest of my thesis alone. And well I absorbed my classmate Jasmin, who broke up with her original thesis partner since their partnership is not working out and they want to save their friendship. Jasmin had apprehensions at first since our classmates might think that she will just have a free ride on my thesis.I told her that do no mind what they will think and prove to them that you will be an asset to the study. She did and our partnership worked.
She was nervous at first that she might pull our team come defense since she is not confident that she could present well. I assured her that do not be anxious as long as we believe in our study and know it by heart, we could survive the defense. And we did. I was so proud of Jasmin during our thesis defense, she was so prepared and ready. She was nervous but she shined.
And guess what, we had the highest grade in the oral defense (97 % according to Mam Cachuela, our adviser). I said to Jasmin, we deserved it! She thanked me for absorbing her but I also said to her that I am more thankful to you since this thesis will not be successful without her help.
Now we are currently doing the final touches of our thesis. I feel so proud. Our topic may not be a "best thesis material" (as said by our panelists) but I don't care since I enjoyed doing this thesis and learned so many stuff and not just about the topic per se but life lessons.
Communication Research is indeed one of the highlights of my college life.

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