Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Graduation Eve

Today I had a hair cut. Bought a new belt [since my old one does not "satisfy my needs" anymore haha]. All in preparation for tomorrow's "big day". This is it, after 14 years of studying [6 years grade school, 4 years each for high school and college] this chapter of my life will now end.
I wrote three "Senti Blogs" already on my multiply account:

Buhay Third Year
Buhay Sophomore
Buhay Freshman

The 'Buhay Fourth Year' will be posted tomorrow in line with the "big day".

I also begun writing testimonials/comments on my classmates' Friendster accounts which they interpreted as a 'farewell" message. Been listening a lot to songs such as Nelly Furtado's All Good Things (Come to an end), Greenday's Time of Your Life, Matchbox Twenty's How Far We've Come, Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten, Vitamin C's Graduation (Friends Forever), Lea Salonga's The Journey and of course Raymond Lauchengco's Farewell. I also created a Friendster group for our block. I am also cooking up some major farewell blog for my classmates. I think it was just apt to have the Holy Week first before our graduation. It gave us time to think and reflect.

I was never like this during my high school graduation. I am more sentimental and emotional now. Maybe tomorrow I will cry and I will not give a damn about it.


Ayeen said...

Awww. Happy Graduation Jec!

College graduation really is more sentimental than highschool, since you know that this is the end of your scholastic life. Or maybe not 'really' since you can still study for a masters degree, but I know you get what I mean.

Welcome to the real world Jec! :-D


aajao said...

congratulations and welcome to the world of the [un]employed! lol. of course it is a joke. :D

good luck, jecoup! ;)

forg/jecoup said...

Ate Ayeen: I agree. Thanks

Kuya Jon: Thanks!