Friday, March 14, 2008

Jestoni and Kittens

Today was our graduation rehearsal, it was chaotic. Disorganized. And there was one quite funny incident as the registrar got angry at the Business Management students because one of them wrote JESTONI ALARCON in the attendance sheet. Me and my classmates find it odd why of all people that guy will write Jestoni Alarcon? As my classmate Ish said "Why not Sam Milby, Piolo Pascual or Jun Lozada?"

Later at 6pm,the Communication Arts Department held its recognition night. I was awarded the Leadership award for Broadcast Journalism. Thank you so much. I'm flattered. Ish and Apple bag Best Thesis for Broadcast Journalism and Jan for Academic Excellence for Broadcast Journalism.

However, I feel envious over the Communication students since their subjects such as Editorial Management,Advertising Management and Developmental Communication gave special citations on their achievements on their subjects. We? Zero. We receive no love from our subjects.
I'm sorry for the sour graping but we can't help but feel sad. It was always like that like when we were in third year, we produced publications, news programs, documentaries,music videos, short films and other media productions but we were not eligible for the Gawad Tala, where the Communication students' efforts on their media productions are recognized.
We are not competing with our Communication brothers and sisters. But we just felt that we should also be recognized for our efforts. We are ignored.
While the Communication students cheered as they bag awards after one another we Broadcast Journalism students felt out-of-place since we could not relate. Parang saling pusa lang kami.
Our department advocates that we should be one family but with this kind of system we could not help but feel isolated.


GeoRge said...

Omg, until now ganon pa rin ang CAD Year-end Recognition?

That was also a problem and frustration when I was in fourth year. All the hard work and effort poured into Broadjourn subjects don't get recognized as compared to the AB Com ones.

Walang mention sa mga news programs and documentaries namin. It was just thesis... and COM subjects.

I can't believe it happened again, lalo na sa inyo, at lalo na since JOU is seven years old na.

It's very sad to hear these sentiments kasi parang ang pinaglaban namin before within our department was for nothing.

But despite all things, we know there are many uncried heroes... so I suggest in your own little way, to come up with a special album, post, etc... that commemorates the stuff your batch did and wasn't recognized for. XD

forg/jecoup said...

thanks kuya george nabasa ko nga po before sa cinematography yahoo group nyo before yung sentiment nyo about how broad journ is not being rewarded, and two years after it still the same


Nelly said...

hay naku jec, someday pagsisisihan nilang inapi nila broadjourn. kung wala tayong award sa lob ng skul sa real world tayo ang hahakot.

forg/jecoup said...

nelly: oo nga hehe! hindi naman tayo inapi pero yun lang hindi tayo masyado pinapansin unless may reklamo sa atin haha