Friday, March 28, 2008

Still in School

It really felt weird when I entered the DLSU-D campus yesterday. Technically, I'm already an alumnus. But I will still be in school until May due to HF duties and I'm not complaining, I do still have lots of responsibilities to take care of. I just don't want to took off without a smooth transition with next year's batch. I had a rough transition when I was appointed as EIC. I don't want my successor to experience the same. Anyway, the next EIC and the rest of the editors were already chosen and they will be announced tomorrow on our special staff meeting. March 26 was the panel interview of editorial board aspirants. I invited Ate Maycee and Kuya Jun Jun,HF Team 20's associate editor and managing editor respectively, to seat as panelists along with Mam Brenda, SPO director. They were my first editors. They were one of the people who took a gamble with me by accepting me at HF. It was nice seeing them especially ate Maycee who was so nice as she filed a leave at Manila Bulletin where she works just to accommodate us. Ate Maycee is the "terror editor" but I love her for that. She is one of my mentors especially since she also came from the News section. I learned a lot from her and that's the reason why I chose her as one of the panelist. I know she will asks the right questions. Kuya Jun Jun is one of the smartest and most approachable I have ever met in my life. He is now a teacher and is currently taking up his masteral degree. He plans to teach in DLSU-D in the future.
Tomorrow is the start of a new beginning for HF. I'm excited.

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