Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How Far We've Come

Today was the Baccalaureate Mass and we are now just a finger away to the end of our college life. Up to now, I could not still believe how fast it seem my college life has been. I kept saying to myself "Parang kailan lang". I will really miss my block-JOU 41-. I love these people. My block is a melting pot of mix personalities but somehow we could work together and live harmoniously (most of the times haha). We've grown a lot, I could still recall how frustrated I was on how "passive" and "lazy" my classmates were back in freshman year but hey as each semester and summer term ends we are growing and getting mature. We witnessed each other's success and shortcomings. We learned from each other. I will miss their never ending inquiries: "Jec required ba umatend dyan" ,"Jec may pasok?", "Jec may assignment?", "Jec pwede pa ba magpasa?" , "Jec may number ka ni____" I will miss those text messages. There was even a time that I received five to six messages back to back to back asking a same question. Since second year I have been the official "messenger and reminder" of my block through text [Group Message], Friendster bulletin et al. I love doing that, I always want all of us to be well informed and no one is left out. And I'm sure they will miss my GMs too.

Senti Moment again *sigh*

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