Monday, March 24, 2008

Maintain this frequency!

Campus Radio is back! The station has now been resurrected at 99.5 under the name Campus FM. As some of you may know, Campus Radio is formerly at 97.1 DWLS but well on February 14,2007 the station made a complete turn around and became a masa station named Baranggay LS which was one big shock to Philippine Radio enthusiasts like me. The DJs like Triggerman,Jimmy Jam, John Hendrix stayed and were "masafied". But in January 2008, the veteran LS jocks were fired and a brought a new air staff since the old team could not bring the station to no.1. Then well the old LS FM jocks found a way to ressurect Campus Radio at 99.5 formerly HiT FM (which is actually a year old only since it was launched in January 1,2007, before that the station was known as RT). I've been following this radio developments for months already. If you want to know more of the story you could visit Jimmy Jam's blog entries about the incident, you could read it here. You could see the discussion over at PinoyExchange over the rebirth of Campus radio through this thread.
I'm glad Campus Radio is now back! Although I was sad to see HiT FM ago.
The past few months revitalized my love for FM radio. I've been a radio junkie for years, it started when I was in Grade 4. I especially love music charts/countdowns. I have a thread Pinoyexchange about music charts.
I used to have a notebook where I jot down the countdowns. I love texting radio stations and chatting up with radio shows/stations who have YM IDs. But I never called up a radio station I am too shy. Back in the day though, I send messages throught their beepers haha. Old school.
Since 1998,I memorized all FM stations from Jam 88.3 to NU 107 [for a time there was Power 108]. The different changes/reformat several FM stations have over the years. The DJs who come and go or transferred or went back [Chico and Delamar from RX to KC to RX]. I even crIED when my favorite station 93.9 KC FM had their final airing [I-FM is now occupying the 93.9 frequency]. DWKC will be my ultimate favorite radio station, you could see my love for the station here. For AM radio, I grew up with DZRH but now I like DZMM better.
I did have a dream about becoming a radio broadcaster but that dreamed ended when I heard my voice on a cassette tape. Horrible. Haha.
Although, I love radio do not expect me to have "excellent taste" in music haha. I'm just into Pop music/contemporary hit radio/adult contemporary. I also don't discriminate on the masa stations, they have their own audience who genuinely enjoys them. But I know a lot are irritated with the masa stations but I guess kanya kanyang taste lang talaga.
I actually enjoy Love Radio's Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper especially Nicole. Their style on giving advice to people could be "over the top" but beneath the jokes they are somehow thought provoking. Well, people might disagree with me but this my honest assessment on them.
Since, I'm an active participant on some radio stations, it makes me feel happy that some DJs know me already like DJ Kelly of MAX 103.5.Her program Kellybites Nights aired weeknights, 9pm to 12 md is really fun plus she has this multiply conference every episode. And I met a lot of online friends there and DJ Kelly even chats with us. And we are like a barkada there.
There also shows like the ones in RX 93.1 where they have YM IDs and I have chatted with some DJs. Then my sister is actually friends with Ric Rider 101.9 WRR. Ric sometimes greets our family on air.
My love for radio is one of the reason why I never owned an MP3 player/I-Pod. I do however get the appeal of I-Pods because one could have their own "mini radio station" where they are the boss and controls the playlist. While for me, I like music and DJ interaction. Some people do not like too much talk on radio I understand so they prefer MP3 players. The rise of Ipods inspired me to write "I-Pod killed the Radiostar" for HF a year ago.
Oh well, actually I'm thinking that I could still have a career on radio, not "on air" though. Who know's right? The possibilities are endless.

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