Sunday, March 02, 2008


I've been talking about graduation since my senior year started and now that I am days away to the culmination, I just could not explain the feeling I have right now. But definitely this feeling is so overwhelming.
I'm sure I will graduate. No more worries about that. I have to admit that how I wished I will graduate with honors,but then what I learned about college that is not just all about grades. It's the experience. It really is. But I wont deny it would have been great if I achieved that. But I'm satisfied that I survived and gained a lot [not just weight ha!ha!]. Some say that they love high school more than college but not for me. I love college! I will never forget this chapter of my life.


This is the first week of no more regular classes. So this week I spent my time at Heraldo Filipino, doing work but savoring each moment by chatting with my editors and staffers. Reminiscing with my batch mates. Seriously, I think I'll cry during our year end workshop. When the time has come that I will clean out my locker, what would I feel?
I'm a sentimental guy and I'm not ashamed of it [defensive? haha]
You know what, last the general staff meeting we had yesterday after the regular HF matters were announced and discussed, I started sharing to my staff the things I've realized and learned during my stay at HF and as a college student as well, the obstacles you will face and how you will grow over the years. It was an unplanned talk actually. Unconsciously, I was sort of having a farewell speech already. We still have two regular general staff meetings left and I could just imagine how I will act on my last general staff meeting ever. Ack! It kinda sucks to be a senti guy sometimes.

Other stuff that happened this week:
  • Halalan, HF's Student Elections newsletter released
  • Exit Interview and Graduation Guidelines discussion with Associate Dean
  • My last time to vote on the Student Council Elections
  • Got my grad pics already
  • Supported Bebeth, my classmate who joined Fashion Eclipse [formerly called Fashion Exposure]. I watched it with Patricia, our former classmate during our freshmen year and who represented us in the Fashion Exposure of that year and won. She stopped attending school in our sophomore year when she got pregnant and returned to school last semester. We had a nice talk and motherhood really changed her and I have to say she is an inspiring person.
  • Grades released and I'm happy with the results
  • Did the most exciting part of thesis writing: Acknowledgment
Ate Babes, DLSU-D's traffic enforcer was hit by a jeepney. She is in the hospital right now and I'm really praying she will recover soon. She is a sweetheart. Everytime you will see her you will really feel blissful because of her genuine and warmth smile. It was said before that a student who was on the verge of suicide was stopped because s/he felt inspired when s/he saw ate Babes smiling wholeheartedly despite the strenuous atmosphere she was in.
And if you have seen her personally you will understand why.

Get well soon Ate Babes, DLSU-D needs you.

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