Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yesterday I announced the incoming editorial board of HF. And it started to sink in, soon it's over. And I really felt sad. Has it really been a year already? I will still be with HF until early May though and I still do have lots of things to do and work on. But the coming weeks will be the transition period already.I will soon leave the publication which gave me the toughest challenges and where I learned so many lessons in life. I had a good run. I realized despite the downward spiral I experienced towards the last part of my term I should not feel bad. I did my best. I had shortcomings but I accepted it and will bring all those experiences and lessons as I leave HF and DLSU-D. Plus I had lots of good memories during my three-year stay with HF. Three years. Three unforgettable years.
Thank You Heraldo Filipino.

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