Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Big Day

Today is my Graduation Day it was held at PICC. Assembly time was 8 am but me and my parents got there 7am but there were people who were earlier than us and when we went to PICC there was a plethora of people already. The graduation ceremony was okay, not that long to the point of being draggy. But since we had an ineffective rehearsal, we got confused for some stuff like when will we stand up or when will we place our tassel to the right. In the rehearsal we were warned not to "cheer" or "take pictures" but still we were pasaway!But I guess it does not matter since it did not look disrespectful. We could not be stiff and lifeless on our graduation. Jerry , the Magna Cum Laude from Political Science, were in tears during his speech. You know what I felt butterflies in my stomach when I was close to being called to the stage. It was a fast moment but very momentous. Well, we did a lot of camwhoring/picture taking, here's mine. After all, this is the last time we will be in one room together. Some of my classmates cried. I did not but I was sad and I hug all my classmates. It felt good. I love my block. Will never forget this people. I'm so happy for my parents too. I'm glad I did not let them down. I know they really feel jubilant since they were able to send us all four children to college.
So that was it. The end of an era.
What's next for me? I still have HF duties. Tomorrow is the panel interview for the EB aspirants.
I will be still in school for HF stuff probably until May.
After that? Abangan!
I called up a radio station tonight and I was on air! It was my first time! It happened during DJ Kelly's program on MAX 103.5. My voice sucked and talked fast [nothing new haha].Why did I do that? Well, because of the graduation spirit I had, I want to try something I haven't done yet. Calling a radio station is a bit shallow but hey it is a start.

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