Sunday, March 23, 2008


I enjoyed watching the marathon run of Kyle XY on Studio 23 today. I finished all 12 episodes. I was in front of the television for so many hours [10:30 am to 8:30pm]. But it is nothing new actually for me haha. I did watch a few episodes when Kyle XY premiered a few months back on Studio 23 but I MISSED a lot episodes because of heavy school work [it was the thesis season haha] and I'm glad I was able to catch up a lot episodes. This show is my kind of show, a show for escapism. It is a good mix of suspense, science fiction, family drama and good 'ol teen romance haha. Let us just say the show is The X FILES meets 7th Heaven meets Beverly Hill 90210. The script is well written and what I like is that even the minor characters are not totally useless. The story line is well structured. In a nutshell, the TV show follows the life of a boy who have a mysterious past. It is sort of the teen version of the short-lived TV show John Doe.
Kyle XY is one engaging show to watch. For several hours I was able to "escape" from reality through this show.
You know what one of my dream career is to work for television and produce scripted shows like these. But I don't like the local TV scene, not that I'm placing the foreign productions in the pedestal because a lot of western shows are also bad. But my point is that the local TV scene is so draggy. I don't know if I'm making sense here. But you know the whole network war is overshadowing what TV should be. Anyway, what I don't like about our local TV industry is that it is so publicity-driven. It does not matter if the show is good but as long as it rates high its good . Or maybe I am just too idealistic. I do enjoy some local serialized shows but more on the guilty pleasure level but I don't feel compell to watch it regularly or care about the story or characters. I don't like that we have lots of daily shows. I believe if TV shows here are more on weekly basis there will be more time to produced polished scripts and not just some rushed production where the story lines are not laid out properly. Plus, I want variety in television where our local TV does not offer. It is just the same fare no matter what type of name they want their shows to be called [teleserye, telefantasya, fantaserye, sinenovela, telepiko and so on]. Another problem with our local TV industry is that we are 'star-driven', the networks launch shows just to use as a vehicle to launch a star or keep the star in the showbiz circulation.
Woah, I think I said so much already haha. Anyway, to end this blog entry let me share to you a quote by DJ Kelly of MAX FM 103.5 during the TV NIGHTS episode of her radio program "Kellybites Nights" [I'm also fascinated with radio as well, but that is another entry haha]

"We all have different forms of escape, movies, radio, tv...this is to briefly be somewhere else, in someone else's life, for as long as a couple of hours or as little as half an find yourself forgetting your worries, your troubles for awhile...whatever form of escape you choose, just try to never lose yourself, your true identity...and know that the best escape is still knowing who you really are, wherever you go, whatever you listen to or whatever you watch."

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