Friday, June 13, 2008


The fast few days I was able to chat with my classmates through YM and text, updating each other with what is going with our post-graduation lives. On my end, there's really nothing new to update on my life as I am still a bum with my life revolving on household chores, listening to the radio, watching TV and surfing the net, exciting eh? Anyway, back to my classmates, most of them have work already and majority are in the call centers. I know some of our college professors will raise their eyebrows over the decision of my classmates to grab the opportunity as one of my professor said before we did not study for four years to answer phone calls. But what can we do? Those are the jobs that have many openings and they offer just compensation especially in these hard times, that is so important. I understand the decision of my classmates especially some of them really need it, financially speaking. As for me, I'm sure I will not pursue call centers. I don't like the work nature of the job. But don't get me wrong I don't look down on the call center industry, it is a difficult job. Some of the classmates I talked too that they somehow felt disappointed that they fell into the bandwagon 'Don't worry the feeling will go away when you have your first paycheck", I joked. I advice that there is nothing wrong with that, it is a decent job but I told them that they should save money so when the time comes that they felt like leaving that job they would have a fall back and they will feel more confident to pursue other stuff since they are not broke.
On the other have, I have two classmates who are now working in companies related to our degree, one in a PR agency and the other one in Viva Entertainment. I also have classmates who are working in companies not quite related with our course namely a bank, an airline and a pharmaceutical company.
And well there are still a handful who are like me, a bum! And some not yet finish with the binding of their thesis hehehe.
Anyway, I quite it find hard to explain when they ask me why I'm not working yet or even passionately looking for one, they could not believe that I just don't feel like working and I enjoy being a carefree person for now haha. However, I feel pressured since they are telling me that with my "credentials" kuno I could find a job easily. I just said, it does not matter it will still be hard I'm sure. But I felt pressured with that kind of expectation from people.

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pangaraplang said...

hayzz buhay nga naman.. hirap nga makahanap ng work.. hayzzz... buhay nga naman d2 sa pinas.. bummer!!! eheheheh ganda ng mga post mo eehehhe... ginaganahan akong magbasa.. sorry kung di english di ko kya mag english eh... kaya eto ala work...