Monday, June 23, 2008


Students are jumping in joy as there are no classes today but hey I'm not affected anymore. And it kinda felt sad when I realized that fact. Today was a sunny day, what an exact opposite of yesterday's gloomy atmosphere. The weather is just so unpredictable it really makes one scratch their head.
Read news about the survivors of the ferry tragedy yesterday and it was really depressing because there were scenarios that are could be something taken out of a movie. One example is that there were thirty survivors on a rubber boat but only twenty eight made it alive as the two were taken away by the large waves of water that "attacked" them. I read that news in horror and pictured myself in that situation (I'm always like that). It will really traumatize me witnessing people dying and you can't do anything to save them.
I am really praying that the survivors will be survive another "battle" that they will face now: Moving on after that harrowing experience.

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