Monday, June 02, 2008

A Rally and A Debut

My parents told me as they got home from the palengke that there was a rally in the public high school here in Bulihan,Silang,Cavite. And it was huge that the roads were closes. Parents of the students were calling for the principal to resign due to alleged corruption. And the "event" was reallybig as it made the headlines of TV Patrol (my sister told me, I was not able to watch it). My sister and eldest brother studied in that school and they told me that the accused principal is really strict. DepEd officials said that they will investigate and will release the results after 15 days.
I could smell the tension in the school. It would be an awkward school opening for them.
Later that night I attended the 18th birthday of my former HF sports writer and now Managing Director Mica Grimaldo. It was held at Island Cove, Kawit,Cavite. It was my first time there, not just in the resort, but in Kawit as well. Kinda weird I've been living in Cavite for almost 15 years already.
The party was great. And it also became a reunion for the three batches of HF (Teams 21-23). It was nice catching up with my HF friends. I miss them so much. I was part of the 18 memories and I shared how Mica became an asset to HF even though she became part of the publication late in the school year. I admire the attitude of Mica, she seems like a happy go lucky girl but when is committed into something sher pours her heart into it and produces good output plus her social skill is outstanding as well. I said in that she was the hands down choice to be awarded the Outstanding Staff on last year's Midyear Workshop.
I like the last part of the celebration as Mica called her mom on stage and gave her a gift. That was so sweet. She told me before in our conversations that she is pasaway with her mom and they always fight.
That moment really pulled my heart strings. I could see in Mica's mom how happy and delighted she was with the gesture of her daughter.
But I was even more surprised when her mother revealed that Mica is thinking to become a nun.And Mica is seriously considering it. She told me that before but in a joking manner. I guess it was meant.
Hey Mica, if you'll be able to read this, just follow what your heart says. But hey take your time.

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