Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's already close to 2 am I type this but hey I am still awake. I am waiting for my father to go home because well someone needs to open the door and prepare food hehe. Anyway, my father is a company driver so he do really have an irregular works schedule. It has been that way ever since I was a child and I really applaud my father's hard work. I hope that I will also be an asset to the company where I will work in the future.
Speaking of work, I already had my first job application in a magazine. I e-mailed my resume and sample works last Friday. Let's wait and see.
But really I'm enjoying this free time I have. Although I've been doing lots of household chores lately it's okay, my mother needs the help anyway. She said to me though that for the first time ever we will get house hold help once my sister gives birth already. I believe its the right decision since she will take care of her grandson since my sister has to work. She really needs a household help since I also have limitations for some housework (plus by that time I could have work already).
Today is the opening of classes in my school, DLSU-Dasmarinas. Feels nostalgic. I miss being a student, I miss DLSU-D, I miss my classmates, I miss HF. But well I have to move on. What's good about being a student is that there is a foreseeable end for everything. Now I'm off to the great unknown. And it's scary.

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