Sunday, June 08, 2008


I finally changed the song in this blog after a month of featuring Second Chances by Michelle Branch. The song now featured is the rendition of Neil Diamond's "I am...I said" by American Idol 7 finalist Brooke White which also became her swan song because she got eliminated during that week. While a lot went gaga over the Davids of that season, I rooted for Brooke although I know she has no chance of winning. I was hoping she could be the last woman standing but she failed. I like her because I dig her style plus I really love her personality, such a sweet and charming lady. She did had lackluster performances like her rendition of "Hero" of Mariah Carey and she did messed up the lyrics of "You Must Love Me" during the broadway week because she does not have the confidence on stage the other finalists had. But I still supported her. And what's good is that I was not alone on my love and support for Brooke White because in, I met around 15 people who love Brooke White too. You could see the Brooke White Pinoyexchange thread here.
I hope Brooke White would have a good post-AI career even though she placed fifth only. I hope she would the same career path like my other favorite contestant of all time, AI season 5 third place Elliott Yamin.
My favorite radio DJ, Kelly of MAX FM was assigned to a new time slot that started last Friday she is now on weekdays 9am-12noon. Obviously, the show will not be called Kellybites Nights anymore so the new name of her show is The Bite Club. I will miss her night show since listening to KBN has been a habit for me since February. But I will still listen to her on her new timeslot. DJ Kelly is really a charismatic DJ and a person I really look up to. If you will ask me to name someone as my idol in the media I would say in a heartbeat: DJ KELLY.
It's a boy! That's the gender of my sister's baby. He will be the first grandchild of my parents. My sister is due on August. Her relationship with the father of her son is complicated. I admit that I got sad that she got pregnant in a complicated circumstance and I know my parents also feel the same way but we all agree that is better that way for now.Yes she is of age already as she is 30 years old but we know it's not yet the right time. We support ate but I know my parents were disappointed but they did not let it show because they don't want my sister to feel bad. I applaud my parents for that, I know its hard for them to do that but their love for their daughter and their grandchild prevailed. I'm so proud of my parents.
Our family is off to expect a lot of changes once my sister give birth. I'm both excited and nervous. But we all know that this baby is a blessing for us.

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