Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life's Simple Pains Part 2

My last blog entry was about the temporary Internet disconnection I had, little do I know that the following days the situation will get worst. I had no Internet connection for almost three days! And it was so frustrating. Every once in a while I will get connected but it will only last from one to two minutes! Every time I see the 'limited/no connection" icon I think my blood pressure went up haha. I really felt strange not being online for days. I felt that there's something missing. Hindi ako mapakali haha, I will check out every hour if I already hae a connection. What's even more frustrating is that it was so hard calling Smart Bro's Customer Service hot line and whenever I get connected, my conversation with the call center agent will be cut off midway. I think I called the hot line for a bout a hundred times and talked to about ten agents. There was even a time I lost hope already haha. But I talked calmly to the agents because I don't want them to be the shock absorber of my 'pain' since I know it would not help me. What's even a bit crazy is that before I sleep I included in my prayers to have my Internet connection back again.
I literally jumped when I finally had a stable connection around 6PM tonight. It was the first time in the 13 months we've subscribed with Smart Bro to experience this inconvenience. And I hope it wont happen again.

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