Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I was glued to the radio last night until the wee hours in the morning to listen to the coverage on the journey back home of Ces Drilon and company. I was so happy that they were freed after almost 10 days of being held hostage by an unknown vigilante group. Senator Loren Legarda was instrumental as she also negotiated to the kidnappers. It was an under the radar move which is good since it could have jeopardized the results if Legarda's negotiations with the kidnappers were publicized. In an interview with DZMM, Legarda shared that she was communicating directly with Ces through her cellphone and this was also the way for Legarda to talk the kidnappers. Legarda said how terrified Ces and even told her that please tell her (Ces) if there is really a chance for her to be freed so she could accept her faith already. I could just imagine how scared and frustrated Ces have felt during those times.
Later on the day, she and her crew Jimmy and Angelo along with Senator Legarda had a mini press conference upon their arrival in Manila International Airport. I like how Ces admitted that because of her disobedience on some of her superior's warnings it lead them to this crisis. It was a horrifying experience but I'm glad to see Ces holding up well, as well as Jimmy (who was threatened to be beheaded) but Angelo was silent, maybe he was really traumatized or just shy.
I was also shocked when Ces said that there were young people that were part of the group that kidnapped them. How young? There were 12 year old kids!
Like Ces Drilon, I don't symphatize with the kidnappers but it will really make you think why they did such thing? And to be honest, I really find Mindanao mysterious in a way.
Ces really learned a big lesson and probably this will be her most memorable not just in her career but her life. It also affected me in away since I dreamed to become a journalist. But I dunno if I could be really a true-blooded journalist, I don't have that kind of courage.
But I really look up to these people, they risk their lives to investigate an issue and deliver the story to us hoping that it could somehow open our eyes.

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