Friday, June 20, 2008

Finger Crossing

So this morning I took the examination for the company I was applying to. It was basically an English proficiency test. I think I did fine but I don't want to be confident (after all I still got confused with the use of "in" and "on" plus my hand writing is not that good, arrrgh!). The HR told me (and the other two applicants as well) that we will be informed through text if we pass the exam and will be scheduled for another exam. Waiting is the most difficult part. But I will not hold my breath for that one. I'm still on the hunt for possible jobs. But I really hope I'll pass that one.
And to cap off the night, I joined, once again, Campus 99.5's Weekend Top 20 @ 12 guessing game and this time listeners could send in their guesses on what songs will comprise the top 5 for the week through their new text line and yes, for the 3rd time, I won! And I love my prizes so much this time: 5 CDs!!!
I will claim it next week by all means haha.

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