Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nostalgia Fit: S Club 7

What I really love about YouTube is that it comes in handy for my nostalgia fits haha.
Today, out of the blue I typed S CLUB 7. Over a decade ago, this song came out and it was love at first hear. "Bring it All Back"is an infectious bubblegum pop song and the choreography in its music video was very 'cool' for me back in the day haha. This is such a happy song and the video is fun to watch! The dance steps were cute haha. And I really had a strong crush with members Rachel and Hannah <3 . I also liked some of their other singles like "Never had a Dream Come True", "Reach", and "Don't Stop Movin" but their first single would always be special. The song reminds me of my childhood innocence where a simple catchy song will make my day. Nowadays, to be happy is just a struggle. Oh wait I will not go there haha. Let me just reminisce again, see the video below and let's dance! :D


reyax said...

naalala ko nung HS ako, sa "Bring It All Back" ko nakuha ung pangslumbook na motto ko: "things happen for a reason." haha. :)

Ranran said...

i loved their steps before! especially yung solos nila? hehe..