Friday, April 17, 2009


The death of Ted Failon's wife seems like an episode straight from CSI however unlike the show we are not sure if we could get answers, instead this case will just get a bunch of conspiracy theories and rumors which will elevate this to an urban legend in no time, which is very sad considering how tragic the incident is. But does it really matter if we know what really happened? All I know someone died and a family shattered. I admit I also had theories and suspicions regarding the case but then I realized no matter what the news would present, we will never know the real story behind this. And its not really our business to begin with, for me the family and close friends are the only people that deserves to know what happened. This is their lives. I know that as Failon is a public figure it is inevitable that the case won't be publicized, plus this tragedy resulted to more issues and conflicts. But it have been really messy now.
I won't join this circus.
I won't follow this case anymore, it's painful to watch already.
And this is also to show respect to the deceased and her family.
May she rest in peace.


Rona said...

i agree with is sensational because ted failon is a tv personality, but if it happened to ordinary people, it will not be on tv for days..

forg/jecoup said...

That's the truth sadly