Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Top 5 Favorite Music Videos

As a kid, I love watching MTV, back then it was still part of Studio 23, it became so famous that it moved into its own free channel but eventually went to cable TV. Then there was also Channel [V] but it was not as successful here in the Philippines and then there came MYX who provided lyrics for the videos just like the videoke. I love music videos with great concepts like an edgy story, magnificent production, amazing choreography and quirky themes.
Some great videos would make me like the song . And there are the videos that are just worth repeating over and over again.Of the several videos produced there will be the ones that will leave a significant impact to you
Today, thanks to YouTube, we could now gain access to several music videos especially from the past. Let me share to you my Top 5 Favorite Music Videos of All Time.
Click the image of each entry to see the corresponding music video.

5. Chasing Pavements - Adele (2008)

- I love the "dead-couple-dancing-lying-down" concept and how the dance told their love story.

4. Coffee and TV - Blur (1999)

The star of this music video, the milk carton, is iconic. The concept is both cute and bizarre! There is something with the smile of the milk carton, its charming and haunting. It will make you think why did they use a milk carton, does it symbolize something?

3. The Scientist - Coldplay (2002)

The editing of this video is top-notch and very tight. You want to know how the story unfolds and towards the end it will leave you feel sad because you know what happened.

2. Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim (2001)

I remember seeing this music video a lot of times in MTV back in the day. Christopher Walken is just amazing in this video. It was really surprising to see a serious actor dance like that and pull it off.

1. Here It Goes Again - OK Go (2006)

This won a Grammy for Best Music Video- Short Form and it deserves it hands down. This video is a simple concept but very difficult to do , dancing a well-choreographed routine on a treadmill in a singular take is very impressive. One of the most creative music videos ever!


Ed said...

no. 1 and no.5 are one of the nicest videos I've seen. I got adele's vid on my ipod and phone. hehehe

reyax said...

favorite ko ung music video ng paralyzer at smooth criminal (michael jackson). :)

Kristoffer said...

haha. naalala ko lang, paborito ko mga fatboy slim videos dati.. noong mga 98-99?=)

forg/jecoup said...

Ed: Kung may i-pod I would most definitely have those videos saved.

Reyax: I like the concept of Paralyzer

Kristoffer: I think the most popular ones would be Rockafellar Skank and Praise You. I miss the 90s haha

Iza Larize said...

Good choices! I especially like Blur's "Coffee and TV" :)