Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is my 400th post here, yay!
400 posts of anything and everything although I started having the Philippine Music Charts recap and my top 20 songs of each month here last year so therefore this blog already have 'regulars' so to speak. I changed the blog description from 'Anything Under the Sun' to 'Musings and Music Charts' because I find the previous so boring already haha plus the new one perfectly captured what the blog is all about already haha.
By the way, I removed the "Quick Messages" (cbox) here because it was vandalized, tsk..tsk.. If you want to say something, kindly leave a comment on each entry.
The Lenten break is about to end and well I spend it trying to do many things with some
of those stuff not fully accomplished.
But I was able to analyze and reflect on some of the problems I've been having lately. I know what to do to solve this, I just hope I could apply that succesfully.
I realized I was not really afraid of growing old but growing up.
Happy Easter everyone!


rea said...

"I realized I was not really afraid of growing old but growing up."

wow. can relate ako dito a. :P haha. goodluck kuya! :)

Rona said...

hi, i link your blog to my wordpress acct, coz i like the phils music chart update, id like to be updated once in a while, no, make that all the time :-)

forg/jecoup said...

Thanks Rea :)

Sure Rona, thanks for visiting the blog :)