Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I don't usually spend that much (you can say I'm kuripot haha) but last week I decided to be self-indulgent and bought three books, 1 CD, and 2 VCDs since I realized I do have some extra cash and the stuff I bought are not that expensive (the most expensive cost 250 pesos). Anyway, for the VCDs I bought WALL-E and JUNO, two movies that I really waited for the prices of the original VCD to go down and I was lucky because both titles are part of the "buy 1, take 1 promo" of AstroPlus. I'm supporting original VCDs actually because I don't want the industry to die, I could not afford original DVDs so I go for the cheaper alternative which are the VCDs . But I would not be a hypocrite I do buy pirated stuff but mostly for the hard to find ones and US TV series or watch free online streaming (I don't know how to downloads using torrents haha). But as much as possible and as long as I could find it on shops, I'll go for original. As for tv shows, well I went back to watching it on real TV, yeah I'll be delayed but it's okay. Although for US TV shows not available local TV, I might still buy pirated stuff or watch it online haha. But lately I'm not much of a TV person unlike before.
For the music CD, I bought Pupil's second album Wildlife and it was surely worth my money! I love it! I don't often buy CDs anymore because they are bit pricey unlike when there were still cassette tapes which were cheaper and I was frequent buyer back then haha.
I know we could download it for free but like the VCD/DVD, I don't want the industry to die and I don't even have an mp3 player anyway because I'm a radio fan. But yes I do download some singles (but very rare) I never downloaded a full album/discography of artists, usually I check album tracks through YouTube. But I do hope that someday we could have a legal downloads sales market like in other countries with easier payment means (no need for a credit card instead they could just have 'cards' like the cellular phone prepaid cards where your purchases will be just deducted from there).
As for the books, I bought Ricky Lee's first novel Para Kay B (or kung paano dinevaste ng pag-ibig ang 4 out 5 sa atin), I'm on the middle part already and the plot's really deep yet it does not alienate readers with hard to understand words and metaphors.
I also bought the latest compilation books of newspaper comic strips Beerkada of the Philippine Star and Kikomachine Komix of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. I love reading those comics because of the comic relief they give me, they are the type of books worth re-reading, been collecting their compilations since they started, I have all 9 Beerkada books and 5 Kikomachine books. I also have the 20 books and the several off shoots of the most popular newspaper comic strip in the country today, Pugad Baboy.
I do find it amazing that I could now buy my "luxuries" with my own money now although I'm proud to say when I was still a student, I could buy those with my allowance without going broke because I was raised by my parents to manage money well. Yes, I had savings but I never deprived myself with stuff that are self-indulgent. I had made bad decisions and experienced impulsive buying but I charged it to experience. Moderation is the key.

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