Friday, April 03, 2009

Next On...

I only have two working days next week because of Araw ng Kagitingan and the Holy Week and I never felt this happy since classes were canceled on the day the first draft of our college thesis was due haha. Let's just say this will be an opportunity to evaluate and reflect on my life. Yes, I will do serious contemplating this Holy Week break.
Where am I heading?
Am I making the right decisions?
Yes, those questions are lingering in my head the past few days because this week I realized that I don't have a clear plan on my life, I was just riding the wave with no clear direction.
I performed terribly at work this week because of my own fault. My errors were horrendous, I'm sure my superior was annoyed with the quality of work I've been submitting, thank God he is polite and did not embarrass me but everytime he discussed what's wrong with my work I really want to disappear at that moment due to embarrassment on how stupid my errors were!
And I witnessed how my batchmates are progressing while I get left behind. I admit that I took it hard upon realizing that among the new employees, I'm in the bottom pile in terms of performance. It sucks really especially for someone like me who was a consistent good student in school. Yes, I don't really aspire to be on top all the time BUT I never liked being at the bottom . I am where I am right now at work because I did not take my job that serious because I had no goals, I was just working for the sake of not being unemployed. Then it hit me that's the reason I could not focus on work and thus performing poorly. That's why the upcoming week I will take the first step.


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