Monday, March 23, 2009

Break a Leg Batch 2009!

I just want to say congratulations to the newly graduates of my alma matter, DLSU-Dasmarinas, especially my fellow Broadcast Journalism students (who produced TWO Magna Cum Laudes this year, bow!) and sister course AB Communication. Three of my batchmates, Gerard, Bebeth and Sharon, also joined this year's batch. so happy for them. Congratulations Batch 2009 you worked hard for it, the world is waiting. :)
And now officially I'm no longer a "fresh" graduate. A year after my graduation what has happened to me?
I tried to pursue "dream jobs" but well I failed thus making me a bum for about 4 months. Then took the first job that accepted me, regardless if I like the job or pays well, I just wanted to have a job. I left after my contract ended in three months seeking for better opportunities. And now I'm on my third month as a copy editor for outsourced science-related journals which is an okay job although I'm struggling, performance-wise on the work nature. I admit, this was not how I dreamed my life after graduated would be but it could have been worst right? I will be optimistic, it will get better.
And if there are fresh graduates who could read this, the only tip I could give is that don't be pessimistic but also be practical. Every decision you make from hereon is vital. Good luck :)

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