Monday, March 16, 2009

Get Well Soon, Tay

My father was confined at Makati Medical Center today due to hypertension. At first after finishing one of his trips (he is a company driver) he felt chest pains and got dizzy so he went to a clinic and there he was advised to go to Makati Med for observation. It turns out that his blood pressure went high and good thing he was treated immediately thus avoiding serious problems. I was really worried when I was texted by my uncle saying that tatay was rushed to the hospital, negative thoughts came to me. I was so paranoid, I could not concentrate on work and I decided to go undertime and rushed to the hospital. THANK YOU LORD, he is fine already but he will stay there for a couple to conduct more tests to ensure his safety. My mother told that incident was a wake up call to my father to slow it down, my father is a hardworking person and he often neglected to take care of himself just to perform his job. Plus, my father is worry rat bordering to being paranoid, which I believe I inherited. I'm thankful nothing serios happened and I hope he will remain healthy. I love Tatay. I'm just happy he is alright. Lord, always guide Tatay and the rest of my family always and keep them away from harm.

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