Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Wish...

I could sing....well
- I love listening to music although I don't consider myself a music expert. Yes, I'm into mainstream music, pop music. I easily like a song if it has a good beat and I could easily along with it. But there is the problem I don't have a good voice. Of course you would like to hear yourself sound good as you sing along with your favorite songs right?

I could dance
-The closest thing that I would consider as dancing is the field demonstration/rhytmic exercises in school haha. I'm always at awe watching people who dance well, regardless of what kind. I would just dance tap my shoe (or my bare foot) while watching.

I was into a sport
- I don't play basketball. I don't play volleyball. Neither tennis nor bowling. I only learned how to swim in college but still I could not consider the skill I have near competent really. I don't know any rule of any sport. The only sporting event that interests me are the Olympics, Asean Games and SEA games mainly because of monitoring on the medal tally. I wish I was an expert of any sport.]

I could compute without rushing to my cellphone's calculator function
- If only I was not too lazy to study math who knows I could have fared better with this subject as I realized that people who are really good with math are so lucky as this is an essential skill in life.

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