Saturday, March 07, 2009

Weighing Scale

Oh well, my plans to watch the Eraserheads concert tonight did not push through. Yesterday, I was thisclose on buying the ticket already but I realized I should not be selfish. I take back what I posted before that a 'stupid' reason hinders me to watch this, I was just annoyed that time and I came to my senses that it is a valid and understandable reason, I was just too selfish at the time to admit it. If I went on and watched the concert I will not fully enjoy it anyway since I will feel guilty for ignoring that one. Sorry if the reason for my cancellation is vague, it's a family thing, complicated to explain haha.
But I do not regret my decision however how I wished this was not the case.... why is the timing so great!
On a positive note, I have an extra 3, 000 pesos right now which I saved for the concert ticket. I decided to add the 2, 000 on my savings account while the remaining 1,000 I will spend by buying something for myself, a CD or DVD or a book or anything, pag-isipan ko pa haha
For the meantime, I'm currently waiting for news, stories and YouTube clips about the concert.

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